The municipality has 7 primary schools, two lower secondary schools.

  • Adult education - see below
  • Sortland Upper Secondary houses the departments of general studies, athletics, music,-dance and drama, as well as building and construction, service and transport, health and social care and agriculture, fishing and forestry.
  • The municipality also has programmes for higher learning. 


Primary schools and upper secondary school



Adult Education

Adult education provides Norwegian language training for minority-language adults and basic primary school education for adults.

We are located in Vesterålsgata 58 third floor, and in Kulturfabrikken Sortland. We offer the following:

  • Norwegian language classes for refugees, foreign persons reunited with family members who are Norwegian citizens and foreign workers residing in Norway. 
  • Basic primary school education for adults (16 yrs and older) who have not taken primary school exams, lack primary education or are unable to document that they have completed primary school.

Enquiries concerning educational opportunities should be addressed to
Headmaster Sølvi Foss tel: 76 10 83 72 or